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Meet TripJunction Guide: Ken

Ken TripJunction tour is Kyoto with a passion that would make you think resident of Japan’s historical former capital city.

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Spotlight on Hakone: Top 5 Breathtaking Experiences!

Hakone sits at the foot of Mt. Fuji, 80-minutes south of Shinjuku via train. The town comprises of several villages, each one renowned for its history and natural splendor.


5 Must-Try Trending (and Instagram-Worthy) Foods in Japan!

The trends in Japan tend to change so rapidly, it can feel overwhelming to keep up with them all. Planning a trip to Japan and don’t want to miss out on the action? Don’t sweat— We’ve got you covered!

Meet Locals

Meet TripJunction Guide: Hirotaka

Hirotaka’s TripJunction tour is a four-hour nightlife experience, bringing you to deep into the Japanese music scene.

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