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“My goal is to have those who have never tried Japanese craft beer before to try it and wholeheartedly enjoy the experience. I want them to try flavors that surprise them—things they’ve never tried before, so they can walk away with an unforgettable experience.”

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TripJunction x Startup Lady

Miho Beck, TripJunction’s CEO & Co-founder will be speaking at Startup Lady Night on 25th July 2019 in Shibuya, Tokyo. Miho is happy to share her personal journey as an Asian, woman, mom entrepreneur in the Startup Nation, Israel, as well as her passion that eventually led to founding TripJunction with her Korean co-founder, Taejin. […]

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Experience Japan Like A Local: 5 Ways Japanese Have Fun in Their Spare Time

So you’ve arrived in Japan and you’re ready to absorb the culture like a sponge. Aside from shopping for Japanese souvenirs at Donki and visiting some of the famous shrines and temples, have you thought about how you would like to spend your downtime?

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A local’s guide for cherry blossom in Tokyo

Where is the best place to enjoy Cherry blossoms in Tokyo? Check out the cherry blossom guide from a local for summarized information about Hanami!

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