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Places to Visit

Enjoy Winter in Japan! Top 5 Places to Ski

Skiing is a popular winter pastime in Japan. From December through to the following spring, families and friend groups flock to the nearest ski slope. Some public schools organize yearly ski trips to teach students the basics.

Hoshitoge Rice Terrace Niigata
Places to Visit

Echigo Tsumari: Where Nature Meets Art

This hidden gem truly highlights the awe-inspiring wonder of the Japanese countryside. From the panoramic view at Kiyotsu Gorge’s Tunnel of Light, to the graceful curve of the beech trees at Bijinbayashi. There’s beauty round every corner – what new and exciting masterpiece will you discover?

Places to Visit

Kanazawa: A Slice of Edo Japan Perfectly Preserved!

Explore Kanazawa! The city with a thousand stories to tell. Step into the lives of the city’s resident samurai and geisha, as you
stroll through historic Nagamachi and the elegant Higashi Chaya District. Lose yourself in the Ninja Temple, where cunning ingenuity meet defensive warfare! Hungry? Why not indulge in an opulent gold leaf desert – gold leaf, of course being a local delicacy.

Kyoto local guide Ken
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Meet TripJunction Guide: Ken

Ken TripJunction tour is Kyoto with a passion that would make you think resident of Japan’s historical former capital city.