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Enjoy Winter in Japan! Top 5 Places to Ski

Skiing is a popular winter pastime in Japan. From December through to the following spring, families and friend groups flock to the nearest ski slope. Some public schools organize yearly ski trips to teach students the basics.

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Meet TripJunction Guide: Ken

Ken TripJunction tour is Kyoto with a passion that would make you think resident of Japan’s historical former capital city.

Places to Visit

Spotlight on Hakone: Top 5 Breathtaking Experiences!

Hakone sits at the foot of Mt. Fuji, 80-minutes south of Shinjuku via train. The town comprises of several villages, each one renowned for its history and natural splendor.


5 Must-Try Trending (and Instagram-Worthy) Foods in Japan!

The trends in Japan tend to change so rapidly, it can feel overwhelming to keep up with them all. Planning a trip to Japan and don’t want to miss out on the action? Don’t sweat— We’ve got you covered!

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